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The toolbox TUGlab (Transferable Utility Games laboratory) is a Matlab set of scripts that could serve as a helpful complement to the books and other materials used in introductory courses on cooperative game theory. Its main goal is to emphasize the geometrical aspects of cooperative game theory. TUGlab offers to both the instructor and the student a tool to compute and visualize basic concepts for any given 3 or 4 persons TU game. It allows the user to experiment at will with games without worrying about the mathematical complexity of the computations. That is the power of this platform: its direct and flexible way of going to the heart of the concepts overcoming the mathematical complexity.

This site is based on the work of Miguel Ángel Mirás Calvo (Department of Mathematics) and Estela Sánchez Rodríguez (Department of Statistics and Operations Research) from UVIGO. All the information about TUGlab project are avaliable in this link (click in the image below)

The same authors had been published a printed manual: "Juegos Cooperativos con utilidad transferible usando MATLAB: TUGlab". Edited by Publishing Service of UVIGO. ISBN 848158387-1. +info

  • Compute and visualize basic concepts for any given 3 or 4 people TU game.
  • Play topic Games with the extended Game Libray.
  • Store and handle your own results as member of the web.
  • Consult all documentation about functions and procedures included.
  • Update the functionality with the Administrator Tool.